The new mobility
budget explained

Get the most out of the mobility budget for your company!

Mobility experts Jens, Maroussia & Aurélie to learn all about how your employees can benefit from new sustainable & flexible mobility legislation. Download the webinar here.
You missed the webinar, but the recording is still available!

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Get your competitive edge with the mobility budget
Why should your company make use of the new mobility budget? How does this give you a leg up on other employers? During the webinar you’ll discover the positive impact it can have on your company, your employees and society.
Find out what the new budget is all about
Let’s jump right in! What does the mobility budget entail exactly? Who is eligible for it? Our webinar takes you through all the basics. Then you can get started right away, while benefiting over the long term.
Break down the details to put it into practice
The new legislation allows you to offer a tailor-made mobility budget to your employees. But how much budget does each employee get? What about the total cost of ownership? We’ll spell it out for you in an accessible way so you get a concrete idea of how it works.
Download the recording
Meet Jens, Maroussia & Aurélie,
our mobility experts
Jens, Aurélie & Maroussia are pumped to get into the nitty gritty of the new mobility budget and explain how it’s going to be a game-changer for your company!

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