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All your mobility in one solution
Plan, book and manage all your needs
Plan your trips and pay for them within the Skipr app.
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Find all your expenses in your dashboard
Journey LP
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Your personal mobility assistant
Receive the best results to mix & match all modes of transport.
Stop switching from one mobility app to another: Skipr has it all!
Pick the best option for you : time, money or CO2 emissions.
Get rid of your admin
A single invoice & VAT recuperation
Stop losing your tickets, they’re all in your dashboard!
Get a monthly invoice recapitulating all your expenses.
Lower your costs by recuperating VAT with our partners!
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Flex plan for only €2 / week.  No expense?  No payment
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Got questions? We have answers
Can I use Skipr outside of Belgium?
A frequent traveler? Awesome! We’re hard at work to expand the reach of the Skipr app to France very soon. Until then, enjoy traveling with the Skipr payment card.
I don't have a VAT number, can I still use Skipr?
We love that you want to try it out! The good news is that you can, right now. Yet you won't benefit from our payment and single invoicing, these features are only for VAT registered companies.
What can I do with my Skipr payment card?
The Skipr payment card allows you to pay for any mobility service in Europe that has not (yet) been integrated in the Skipr app: public & shared transport, fuel, and parking. Pay with the card, and you'll find all your trips & expenses in your personal portal. It's your final key to ultimate mobility freedom.
I am a complementary self-employed, is Skipr good for me?
Of course! As long as you have a VAT number, you're good to go.
I don’t see my favourite provider, why not?
We want more providers too! As we build our collaborations we'll bring more estep, train, ride hailing and ride sharing providers. We just need to have long boring legal chats before.